Monday, September 7, 2015

Mac Tricks & Hacks

  1. NTFS Support
    1. Install ntfs-3g-2010.10.2-macosx.dmg & Restart
    2. If it throws error, Install macfuse-core-10.5-2.1.9.dmg
  2. Hide Apps from Application Switcher
    1. Sometime you want to hide application e.g. torrent client activity when pressing Cmd+Tab
    2. Add the following in the respective Info file. E.g. In /Applications/
    3. <key> LSUIElement </key> <string> 1 </string>
  3. Default Vim Syntax Highlight
    1. echo "syntax on" >> ~/.vimrc
  4. Default color Theme
    1. echo "colo desert" >> ~/.vimrc
  5. Default intend
    1. echo "filetype plugin indent on" >> ~/.vimrc
  6. ntfs support in mac
    1. Create /etc/fstab and write
      1. LABEL=DRIVE_NAME none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse
    2. It is ready. However, If finder doesn't show in finder, use open DIR_NAME

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