Monday, November 10, 2008

YouTube offers deep links to timestamps (via URI hash) !!!

YouTube now features the option to jump to a certain time in the video directly by adding a timestamp hash to the URL. For example:

They also automatically create links from comments that mention timestamps. This all is something that I’ve been hacking into YouTube with the YouTube captioner and other people building Splicd.

I guess the next natural step would be to show the timestamped comments as annotations just like Viddler does it.

A spot of rain on the parade is that the geo IP redirect in YouTube breaks timestamped links as you get sent from www. to uk. (for example here in the UK as found by Simon Willison). This should be easy to fix though, please?

Restore Google Search Integration In Firefox Browser Address Bar After Installing Yahoo IM (toolbar)

By default Firefox browser location bar is associated with Google I'm Feeling Lucky search. When users type a keyword like "Google Maps" in location bar Firefox performs I'm Feeling Lucky search and takes users directly to page.

But this feature disappears after installing Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo IM hijacks this feature by replacing Google I'm Feeling Lucky with Yahoo search engine without our consent.

If you want that feature back then follow these simple steps to restore Google's I'm Feeling Lucky

1. Open Firefox browser
2. Type about:config in location bar and press enter
3. Search for configuration key keyword.URL and select it
4. Right click on the configuration key keyword.URL and choose Reset from the shortcut menu. Firefox automatically reset value to
5. That's all. From now onwards Firefox uses Google's I'm Feeling Lucky when you type keywords in URL bar.


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