Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recover deleted file on Linux

If you deleted a file on linux based OS accidentally, and want to recover it, lsof command may help you.

lsof is a Linux tool which can show open files and network connections, and even recover deleted files.

If you have ever deleted a file by mistake; been clearing up log files, or just used rm without thinking, there is a way of recovering that deleted file. For example, to recover a missing access_log used by Apache you can search for it via this command:

$ lsof | grep access_log

which output will be similar to:

httpd 26120 apache 42w REG 253,0 5852 12222531 /apachelogs/access_log (deleted)

The key word to look for here is deleted in brackets. The good news is a process (26120) still has the file open and without this process keeping the file open we would have lost the file permanently. So, with the Apache daemon helping us out we can view the missing info by looking inside the proc filesystem, the process id (26120), and finally in the file descriptor (fd):

$ cat /proc/26120/fd/42

This outputs the contents of my deleted access_log which shows the data is still there. All you need to do now is simply redirect the contents back to /apachelogs/access_log, like this:

$ cat /proc/26120/fd/42 > /apachelogs/access_log

Now you have recovered your access_log with all the data back to its original location. (You should also restart Apache). lsof can do much more, however, this is one example which could save the day.

Feel free to share other useful example of lsof here (in comments).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hacking Firefox : Useful Addons

After using firefox for almost 8 years, I think that there are so many firefox Addons without which my life wouldn't be so comfortable. In the progression of Hacking firefox to make browsing easy, here are few most used Firefox addons:
  • Firebug : Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.
  • YSlow : YSlow analyzes web pages and why they're slow based on Predefined & Custom rules for high performance web sites.
  • Pagespeed : Very Similar to YSlow provided by Google.
  • ColorZilla : a color picker, which is used to find any color code just by hovering mouse.
  • Xmarks Sync : is a bookmarking add-on. Keep your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs backed up and synchronized across computers and browsers.
  • FoxClocks : FoxClocks lets you keep an eye on the time around the world - or just your local time - by putting small clocks in your statusbar.
  • AdBlock Plus : Annoyed by adverts? Troubled by tracking? Bothered by banners? Install Adblock Plus now to regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.
  • ChatZila : A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
  • Cookies Manager+ : Cookie manager that allows view, edit and create new cookies. It also allows show extra information about cookies and allows edit multiple cookies at once, as well as backup/restore them.
  • JS Switch : Add a toolbar button or an option in Tool menu to toggle JavaScript.

Friday, August 26, 2011

!(How to Kill PHP Performance)

  1. Wrap sting in single quote instead of double quote As PHP searches variable inside "..." but not in '...'
  2. echo is faster than print print returns valus on success which degrades the performance.
  3. Use echo‘s multiple parameters (or stacked) instead of string concatenation
  4. Use pre-calculations set the maximum value for your for-loops before and not in the loop. ie: for ($x=0; $x < count($array); $x)
  5. Unset or null your variables to free memory, especially large arrays.
  6. Use require() instead of require_once() where possible
  7. Use full paths in includes and requires less time spent on resolving the OS paths.
  8. Close your database connections when you’re done with them.
  9. Avoid use of @ Error suppression with @ is very slow.
  10. Methods in derived classes run faster than ones defined in the base class.
  11. Use pre-increment over post-increment
  12. Use strict code, avoid suppressing errors, notices and warnings thus resulting in cleaner code and less overheads.
  13. Avoid PHP scripts (unless cached) compilation on the fly every time you call them. Install a PHP caching product (such as APC, memcached or eAccelerator or Turck MMCache) to typically increase performance by 25-100% by removing compile times.
  14. Try to use static pages 
    PHP scripts are be served at 2-10 times slower by Apache httpd than a static page. 
  15. else if statements are faster than select statements aka case/switch.
  16. In OOP, declare a method as static, if it can be . Speed improvement is by a factor of 4.
  17. $row[’id’] is 7 times faster than $row[id], because if you don’t supply quotes it has to guess which index you meant, assuming you didn’t mean a constant.
  18. Use 
    instead of time() or microtime() when script starts
  19. When parsing with XML in PHP try xml2array, which makes use of the PHP XML functions
  20. Use isset where possible in replace of strlen. (ie: if (strlen($foo) < 5) { echo “Foo is too short”; } vs. if (!isset($foo{5})) { echo “Foo is too short”; } ).
  21. Incrementing an object property (eg. $this->prop++) is 3 times slower than a local variable.
  22. Incrementing an undefined local variable is 9-10 times slower than a pre-initialized one.
  23. Use ip2long() and long2ip() to store IP addresses as integers instead of strings.
  24. When using header(‘Location: ‘.$url); remember to follow it with a die(); as the script continues to run even though the location has changed or avoid using it all together where possible.
  25. Just declaring a global variable without using it in a function slows things down. PHP checks If it exists or now.
  26. Not everything has to be OOP, often it is just overhead, each method and object call consumes a lot of memory.
  27. Make use of the countless predefined functions of PHP, don’t attempt to build your own as the native ones will be far quicker; if you have very time and resource consuming functions, consider writing them as C extensions or modules.
  28. Profile your code. A profiler shows you, which parts of your code consumes how many time. The Xdebug debugger already contains a profiler. Profiling shows you the bottlenecks in overview

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

!(How to Kill MySQL Performance)

Monday, August 8, 2011

List of Job Consultants In Environmental Industry

List of Job Consultants In Environmental Industry

Name of Consultancy City
24x7 Corporate Solutions  Chennai 
360 Degrees HR Consulting Services  Pune 
360 Degrees HR Consulting Services  Pune 
3d consultants  Chennai 
3d consultants  Chennai 
7HILLS JOBS  Chennai 
A1 Consultants  Ahmedabad 
AB Consultants  Chandigarh 
ACC  Bangalore 
ADA Recruitment Solutions  Bangalore 
ANM Consultants.......  Other (West India) 
ATSILL Technologies  Chennai 
Aaren Consultants  Kolkata 
Abhi Placements  Ludhiana 
Accentus Solutions  Delhi/NCR 
Accord Selection Services  Mumbai 
Accurate HR  Coimbatore 
Ace Management Services  Bhopal 
Ace management services  Bhopal 
Adecco India Ltd  Pune 
Adept Solutions (India)  Delhi/NCR 
Adroit Placements nc  Pune 
Aikon Global Consulting Pvt. Ltd.  Mumbai 
Alchemist HR Services Pvt. Ltd  Hyderabad 
Alpha Mindz Trainers & Consultants Pvt Ltd  Chandigarh 
Altruist Hr Services  Chandigarh 
Amicableinfosolutions  Other (North India) 
Ample Scope Placement Service  Delhi/NCR 
Anakin Management Consultants Pvt Ltd  Bangalore 
Ananya Manpower Solution Pvt. Ltd.  Pune 
Anm Consultants  Other (East India) 
Apex Consultants  Pune 
Arka Business Solutions  Delhi/NCR 
Ascent Consultants  Mumbai 
Autark Management Services Pvt.Ltd.  Kolkata 
Beyondtechit Consulting Pvt Ltd  Chennai 
Bharadwaj Career Solutions  Chennai 
Bizkraft HR Solutions  Other (South India) 
Blue Orange  Hyderabad 
BreakThru Appointments  Baroda 
Breter Managings  Delhi/NCR 
Bright Jobs India  Bangalore 
C2C Solutions  Mumbai 
CKS Job Solution  Lucknow 
CSB HR CO.  Delhi/NCR 
Canara HRD Consultants  Bangalore 
Career Consultants, Bhubaneswar  Bhubneshwar 
Career Horizon  Ahmedabad 
Career JunXion  Indore 
Career Options  Chandigarh 
Career Options  Chandigarh 
CareerTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,  Bangalore 
Careers Unlimited  Mumbai 
Carpel Consulting Services  Chennai 
Catalyst HR Solutions  Bangalore 
Catch Consulting International Pvt Ltd.,  Chennai 
Chandigarh Placements (CP)  Chandigarh 
Chaque Jour Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Delhi/NCR 
Chirantan Consultants  Bangalore 
Citycraze Consultancy  Pune 
Contempo Consulting  Chennai 
Converge Technologies  Chennai 
Corp Placements  Bangalore 
Corporate Connexions  Bangalore 
Corporate Search & Business Associates  Delhi/NCR 
Creative Management Solutions  Delhi/NCR 
CubicGroup  Bangalore 
Cucumber Consultants  Hyderabad 
Cygnus Staffing Solutions  Hyderabad 
Cygnus Staffing Solutions  Hyderabad 
D S Infotech Pvt Ltd  Hyderabad 
D S Infotech Pvt Ltd  Hyderabad 
Daiichi HR Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Delhi/NCR 
Devashree Placement Services  Delhi/NCR 
Ditya Management Consultants  Hyderabad 
Dream Biz HRD Consultant  Surat 
E Business Consulting  Pune 
EARLY JOB  Ahmedabad 
EES  Bangalore 
ERM Placement Services (P) Ltd  Kolkata 
ERM Placement Services (P) Ltd  Kolkata 
Easy Reach Management consultants  Other (West India) 
Empire Consultancy  Indore 
Enlist Inc  Bangalore 
Equilibrium Consulting  Pune 
Executive Search Service  Delhi/NCR 
F-Services  Delhi/NCR 
FINGERTIP IT Solutions  Bangalore 
Fast Track HR Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Fast Track HR Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Finesse PR  Delhi/NCR 
First Choice Consulting Services  Bangalore 
Flair Links HR Consultancy  Cochin 
Freelancer  Bangalore 
Freelancer  Bangalore 
Freelancer  Mumbai 
Future Makers Management Consultants  Other (West India) 
Futures & Options  Pune 
GAMA Management Consultancy  Bangalore 
GMPC  Chennai 
GS HR Consultant  Chennai 
Ganpati Career Consultant  Chandigarh 
Ganpati Career Consultant  Chandigarh 
Garbhzone Placement Services  Delhi/NCR 
Gewinnen  Indore 
Global Placements  Mumbai 
Global Tech Solutions  Bangalore 
GlobalTalentCorner  Delhi/NCR 
Grupo  Other (East India) 
Grupo Staffing Solutions India  Delhi/NCR 
Gyanagni Consulting Private Limited  Bangalore 
HR Consulting  Delhi/NCR 
HR Tech  Chennai 
HR factors  Mumbai 
HRD  Hyderabad 
HRM Search (India)  Delhi/NCR 
Hays Specialist Recruitment  Mumbai 
Hellopharma job consultancy services  Hyderabad 
Hema Associates  Pune 
Hi-Rise Placement Services  Baroda 
Hi-Rise Placement Services  Surat 
Hightech Placement  Pune 
Hirezon Technologies Pvt Ltd  Chennai 
Honeypot Consulting  Hyderabad 
Humanrays  Chennai 
IKYA  Mumbai 
INXS HR Solutions Pvt Ltd  Chennai 
IVAR Professional Services  Bangalore 
IVO Consultants  Ahmedabad 
Icon Associates  Ahmedabad 
Indira Placements  Bangalore 
Indusbee Technology service  Chennai 
Info Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Infoedge  Delhi/NCR 
Innovative HR Solution  Other (West India) 
Inspirations & Consulting Services  Delhi/NCR 
Insync Consulting  Bangalore 
J-RAP Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
J-RAP Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
JOB VALLEY  Other (North India) 
JOB VALLEY  Other (North India) 
JOBS FOUNTAIN  Other (West India) 
JPConsulting Services  Bangalore 
Jain Solutions Pvt Ltd  Hyderabad 
Jasper Technologies  Visakhapatnam 
Jeet's Daksh Management Consultancy  Jaipur 
Jete Human Resource Pvt Ltd.  Pune 
Job Achievers  Chandigarh 
Job Consultants  Bangalore 
Jolly Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Jqim  Aurangabad 
Jyopa Connexions  Bangalore 
K Square Management and Technical Consultant  Chennai 
KabruConsulting  Visakhapatnam 
Kambay Corporate Consultants  Mumbai 
Karma Consultants  Other (West India) 
Karmik Management Services  Lucknow 
Katalyst Business Solutions  Bhopal 
Kautilya HR Service Providers  Chennai 
Kellips Consulting  Delhi/NCR 
Kogent Solutions Inc.  Delhi/NCR 
Kreative Quality Services  Ahmedabad 
Krishmaan Ventures  Mumbai 
Krishna Consultants  Ahmedabad 
Krupa Placement Services  Pune 
La Droiture Management Consultants  Other (South India) 
Lancore Consultancy Services  Bhubneshwar 
Lauchers  Delhi/NCR 
Lavender Corporate Services  Bangalore 
Lease HR  Chandigarh 
Live Connections  Hyderabad 
Logiplex HR  Delhi/NCR 
LotusFeet Executive Search & Selection  Bangalore 
MANOKAM ( HR & Management Consultants)  Baroda 
MJ Consultants  Mumbai 
MMM Incorporated  Delhi/NCR 
Mafoi Management Consultants Ltd  Kolkata 
Management Services Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Mangla Consulting (P) Ltd  Delhi/NCR 
Manpower Mining (I) Pvt Ltd  Ahmedabad 
Manpower Search  Other (North India) 
Mantrana Consulting Pvt Ltd  Delhi/NCR 
Manushhya HR Services Pvt Ltd  Hyderabad 
Mark HR Consultants  Chennai 
Mars Consultants  Coimbatore 
Meridian Consulting Group  Other (North India) 
Meridian Internatiional  Cochin 
Meru Consultants & Technologies Pvt Ltd  Bangalore 
Meticulous Consulatants Pvt Ltd  Chennai 
Mindsearch  Bangalore 
Miracle HR Solution  Baroda 
Mount Talent Consultant  Delhi/NCR 
Mudhra  Coimbatore 
My Consultacy  Delhi/NCR 
Narayan Consultant  Delhi/NCR 
Naukri  Delhi/NCR 
Neomatrix Placements & consultancy services  Other (West India) 
Neon Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Network369  Hyderabad 
Neuplacements  Pune 
New Era Professionals  Delhi/NCR 
New Horizon Management Services  Delhi/NCR 
New Horizons HR Solutions  Other (South India) 
New-Staffing  Delhi/NCR 
Newstepcal  Kolkata 
Nidhi Reddy Consultants  Chennai 
Nurture Hr and Training Resource Private Limited  Chennai 
Om Consultants  Other (North India) 
Options India  Delhi/NCR 
Options India  Delhi/NCR 
Options India  Delhi/NCR 
Orange Tech Solutions  Bangalore 
Outlook Consulting  Chennai 
Oxford Placement  Other (West India) 
Oxford Placement  Other (West India) 
PERSEARCH  Other (North India) 
PMC Manpower Consultancy Mumbai  Mumbai 
POST A RESUME  Ahmedabad 
PRV Consultancy  Surat 
Paradigm Ventures (P) Ltd.  Chennai 
Paruthi Consultants & Engineers  Delhi/NCR 
Path Consultants  Chennai 
Pathway Hr Consultants  Chennai 
People Konnect  Mumbai 
People Plus management services  Mumbai 
Peoplecare HR Solutions  Bangalore 
Peoples Group  Mumbai 
Perfect Job Accord  Hyderabad 
Phoenix Consultancy Services  Chennai 
Pioneer International Placement Services  Other (North India) 
Placement Pundits & Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd  Mumbai 
Plexus Search  Cochin 
Polaris Management Services Pvt Ltd  Hyderabad 
Prakshal Placement service  Ahmedabad 
Pratham placement  Mumbai 
Precellent Resources  Bangalore 
Premier  Kolkata 
Prime Placement & Manpower Services  Ahmedabad 
Pris-i  Delhi/NCR 
Priya International  Mumbai 
Proactivejobs  Mumbai 
Projects & Services  Delhi/NCR 
Promax recruitment services  Mumbai 
Prratham Facilitator & HR Consultants  Chandigarh 
Q-Mart  Delhi/NCR 
QBS  Chennai 
Qsource  Bangalore 
Quadrangle Management Search  Delhi/NCR 
QuickStaff  Lucknow 
R.S.Placement Services  Delhi/NCR 
R.S.Placement Services  Delhi/NCR 
RAMPS Management Search & Training Corporation  Mumbai 
RTA Technologies  Hyderabad 
Raheel4Careers  Baroda 
Rank & File (consultants)  Mumbai 
Rapid Global HR Services  Chennai 
Raregrams  Pune 
Ravi placement  Pune 
Recruitment Brains  Bangalore 
Recruitwell Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Reflect Consulting  Chennai 
Reliable Global Services  Other (East India) 
Rich Manpower Lake  Delhi/NCR 
Richa  Indore 
Royal Industrial Services  Ahmedabad 
Rujas Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd  Chennai 
S C Consultancy  Kolkata 
S D Agarkar Associates  Surat 
SRS Placement Services  Indore 
Saksham  Delhi/NCR 
SandeePsTest  Delhi/NCR 
Sanguine Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Santusthi Management Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Sapphire Consultancy  Other (West India) 
Sarth Consultants  Pune 
Sarthe Consultancy  Ahmedabad 
Scanners Consultants  Delhi/NCR 
Scope Consultancy Services  Kolkata 
Sejal Human Resources  Other (West India) 
Selecture  Bangalore 
Selecture  Bangalore 
Shakthisai Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd  Bangalore 
Shanvi Staffing And Training Services  Kolkata 
Sharpin Project Management Services PVT. LTD.  Delhi/NCR 
Shreyas Integrated Systems  Bangalore 
Shri Laxmi Global Placements  Pune 
Shri Sai Associates  Ludhiana 
Shristi Consultants  Other (East India) 
Simcon Career & Mgt Centre  Pune 
Sirfjobs  Mumbai 
Siri Consultants & Services  Bangalore 
Sollers Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Delhi/NCR 
Solution Placement Services.  Delhi/NCR 
Sourabh  Bhopal 
Sparx Management & Communications  Chennai 
Spatik Consultant Pvt Ltd  Bangalore 
Spigot Software  Bangalore 
Stop Search Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  Mumbai 
Sukruti Recruitment Placemrnt and HR Services  Ahmedabad 
Sumedha Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.  Hyderabad 
Summit HR  Chennai 
Synetairos technologies  Chennai 
T-Sourcingnow  Delhi/NCR 
Taj Management Network  Other (North India) 
Talent Hub Management Consultants  Baroda 
Talent Hunters Consultants  Jaipur 
TalentAhead India Pvt. Ltd.  Mumbai 
TalentSeekers  Ludhiana 
Talentsteps  Chennai 
Tas Consultant  Bangalore 
Teamware Solutions  Chennai 
Teamwork Consuting Group  Bhubneshwar 
Tech Man  Bangalore 
Testing  Delhi/NCR 
The Avenue  Bhopal 
The Beck 'N' Call Agency  Bangalore 
The Catalyst  Chennai 
The Recruitment Guru Management & Staffing Services  Delhi/NCR 
The Shapers  Chandigarh 
ToHR  Chennai 
Top View Consultancy  Other (West India) 
Trail Blazer Konsultants  Delhi/NCR 
Treeline Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd  Chennai 
Trinity Associates India  Delhi/NCR 
UXL India  Delhi/NCR 
Unify Concepts  Delhi/NCR 
Unisearch  Bangalore 
Unisearch  Bangalore 
Ushodaya HR Solutions  Hyderabad 
Utkarsh Placement  Delhi/NCR 
Utkarsha Employment Services  Pune 
V P Worldwide Placement & consultancy  Pune 
VTS  Chennai 
Varsha Management Consultants  Other (South India) 
Ventures Hrd Centre Pvt Ltd  Chennai 
Vision Plus HR Services  Ahmedabad 
Vj Consulting  Bangalore 
Vow Consultancy Services  Pune 
WOW  Chennai 
Worldlcass HRD Consultants  Chennai 
XL Placements  Other (North India) 
ZCS Consulting Limited  Hyderabad 
Zenith Resource Management  Delhi/NCR 
Zeus Consulting  Delhi/NCR 
aPriori Recruitment Solutions  Hyderabad 
abyrjgr hrm consultancy  Chennai 
aegis  Bhopal 
aks consultancy and job placement agents  Other (North India) 
ample hr consultancy  Lucknow 
asmanagement  Delhi/NCR 
avenues placement consultants  Delhi/NCR 
axis2consult  Delhi/NCR 
bkue chip placements  Pune 
bluewave  Kolkata 
careerkey solutions  Indore 
catalyst  Mumbai 
comforward consultants  Other (South India) 
company  Chennai 
cosmic business solutions india p ltd  Bangalore 
davenuessearch  Delhi/NCR 
easysolutions placement consultancy  Other (East India) 
excel employment  Mumbai 
excelincorporate  Other (North India) 
gips management  Mumbai 
headahead consultants  Delhi/NCR 
innovations  Mumbai 
iscope  Chennai 
jobcalls  Cochin 
joblinks staffings  Ahmedabad 
jobsdesire.com  Delhi/NCR 
lumenplacements  Other (South India) 
manpower solution services  Delhi/NCR 
masters consultancy  Other (South India) 
meecor  Bangalore 
meru  Chennai 
om placement & manpower consultancy  Mumbai 
options india  Delhi/NCR 
options india  Delhi/NCR 
options india  Delhi/NCR 
options india  Delhi/NCR 
options india  Delhi/NCR 
ph7  Bangalore 
pidison consultants  Ahmedabad 
professional consultants  Bangalore 
puneengineers  Pune 
rafeo provisions  Delhi/NCR 
sangsan corporate hr solutions  Mumbai 
shri padmavathi Consultants  Bangalore 
shri padmavathi Consultants  Bangalore 
shyam consultancy  Surat 
smart hub  Other (East India) 
smartechinfoservices  Chennai 
softecservices  Bangalore 
solution job placement  Nagpur 
sparsh manpower consultancy  Delhi/NCR 
spearhead solutions  Hyderabad 
spectrum  Delhi/NCR 
successful incorporate  Pune 
synergymanpower  Delhi/NCR 
tritonhrd  Cochin 
vj consulting  Bangalore 
vmarsh  Mumbai 
wittech  Delhi/NCR 
xecuteHr Solutions  Delhi/NCR 
zodiacconsultancy  Chennai 
zubilant management services  Delhi/NCR 
zubilant management services  Delhi/NCR 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scaling PHP in the Cloud : one day conference in Bangalore

"Scaling PHP in the Cloud" is a one day conference on the challenges of scaling up from a single-server to multi-server software development model. It is an event for hands-on programmers, with sessions conducted by other programmers on how they do it.

The event is on July 9, 2011 at Dharmaram College, Christ University Campus, Dairy Circle, Bangalore.

Event website : http://phpcloud.hasgeek.in/ 

They are a participant-supported event, by developers, for developers, with no sponsor interference. Your ticket money makes this possible. At this event, you get to choose the sessions you want. The schedule has been made on the basis of sessions voted up by the community, and they've still got a few spots open for anyone who wants to come up and speak.

Should you have more queries about the event, please feel free to write to Kiran kiran@hasgeek.in

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hack for the social cause - RHoK #3 on 4 & 5 June

About RHoK:

RHoK is a global event that endeavors to bring all types of experts to brainstorm and hack on  problem definitions and produce technical tools for humanitarian aid, climate change and disaster risk reduction for a weekend hackathon.
Created in 2009 as a collaborative project by a wide array of organizations including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, the World Bank, NASA. 

RHoK is hundreds of software developers, open data analysts, new media hackers, story tellers, videographers, emergency planners, innovators, students, project managers and entrepreneurs to collaborate on projects designed to engage users both globally and locally. 

http://rhok.org is a voluntary organization invites folks from various tech companies/NGOs to come up the solutions for the social cause.

Event Details:

The event is scheduled on 4th and 5th of June 2011 across the world. 
In Bangalore, it is going to happen at:

Jaaga, No. 16/1, Rhenius Street Off Richmond Road , Opposite Hockey Stadium Shanthinagar 
Shanthinagar ,Bangalore, Karnataka 560025

Bangalore Registration link: http://rhokbangalore.eventbrite.com/

If you can’t participate then it would be great if you float any ideas/problem statement(case) to the participants here:  http://www.rhok.org/problems

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yahoo mail moving out of Beta

Today Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! Mail will move out of beta and become generally available for millions of users in the coming weeks.  With this latest version of Yahoo! Mail (available in multiple markets and multiple languages), Yahoo! offers a faster, safer, easier and constantly connected experience across all devices that keep the conversations going — anytime, anywhere.
  • Faster : Yahoo! put an emphasis on improving performance and delivered an experience that is at least 2x faster than previous versions. Whether you are on DSL, cable or dial-up, you’ll notice a dramatically faster Yahoo! Mail.
  • Safer : Yahoo! upgraded our SpamGuard system and Mail Anti-Phishing Platform (YMAP) to reduce spam and phish-laced emails by an additional 60% -- that’s on top of the billions spam messages Yahoo! block each month. 
  • Easier : Yahoo! introduced even easier ways to connect and to share, organize and store online conversations and media content. Yahoo! added the ability to quickly reply to your Facebook friends, view inline photos and videos to engage and delight users, deeper integration with Yahoo! Messenger to support multi-mode scenarios, and new Apps like YouSendIt and All My Purchases to extend our eco-system.   
  • Constantly Connected : And Yahoo! has made sure that these are seamless experiences that travel with you – allowing people to engage with Yahoo! Mail on a PC, iPhone, Android or tablet device. 
The end result is a personally relevant communications experience — one that drives deeper engagement with consumers, excites advertising partners, and allows the teams to deliver continued innovation rapidly. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Firefox Bookmark Keyword Hack

Previously I specified few firefox hacks to ease your daily internet surfing. Here I'm trying to explain how to use Firefox Bookmark Keyword hack.

Firefox provides a nice feature to Bookmark a URL and opening that for different input provided. E.g. If you want to search "Barack Osama", you can simply type "yahoo Barack Osama", and it will directly give your the search results.
Lets do it step wise.
  1. Open the desired URL e.g. http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Barack+Osama
  2. Bookmark the page
  3. Go to Organise bookmarks (FF version < 4.0) or Show All Bookmarks (FF version >= 4.0)
  4. Search for the book-marked page here e.g. ysearch
  5. Expand the property of bookmark (below "tag")
  6. Replace the search string "Barack Osama" with %s
  7. Enter keyword using what you want to do the search e.g. "yahoo"
  8. DONE!

Type e.g. "yahoo < your name > " and enjoy the search results.

Don't limit yourself to this, create more bookmarks. Like for my personal use, I've setup many bookmarks like:
  • Facebook name search "fb < name >" (http://www.facebook.com/search.php?type=users&q=%s), 
  • Bugzilla search "bug < bug id >", 
  • Yahoo search "yahoo < search string >", 
  • Microsoft bing search "bing < search string >", 
  • Google search "google < search string >".


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