Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yahoo mail moving out of Beta

Today Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! Mail will move out of beta and become generally available for millions of users in the coming weeks.  With this latest version of Yahoo! Mail (available in multiple markets and multiple languages), Yahoo! offers a faster, safer, easier and constantly connected experience across all devices that keep the conversations going — anytime, anywhere.
  • Faster : Yahoo! put an emphasis on improving performance and delivered an experience that is at least 2x faster than previous versions. Whether you are on DSL, cable or dial-up, you’ll notice a dramatically faster Yahoo! Mail.
  • Safer : Yahoo! upgraded our SpamGuard system and Mail Anti-Phishing Platform (YMAP) to reduce spam and phish-laced emails by an additional 60% -- that’s on top of the billions spam messages Yahoo! block each month. 
  • Easier : Yahoo! introduced even easier ways to connect and to share, organize and store online conversations and media content. Yahoo! added the ability to quickly reply to your Facebook friends, view inline photos and videos to engage and delight users, deeper integration with Yahoo! Messenger to support multi-mode scenarios, and new Apps like YouSendIt and All My Purchases to extend our eco-system.   
  • Constantly Connected : And Yahoo! has made sure that these are seamless experiences that travel with you – allowing people to engage with Yahoo! Mail on a PC, iPhone, Android or tablet device. 
The end result is a personally relevant communications experience — one that drives deeper engagement with consumers, excites advertising partners, and allows the teams to deliver continued innovation rapidly. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Firefox Bookmark Keyword Hack

Previously I specified few firefox hacks to ease your daily internet surfing. Here I'm trying to explain how to use Firefox Bookmark Keyword hack.

Firefox provides a nice feature to Bookmark a URL and opening that for different input provided. E.g. If you want to search "Barack Osama", you can simply type "yahoo Barack Osama", and it will directly give your the search results.
Lets do it step wise.
  1. Open the desired URL e.g.
  2. Bookmark the page
  3. Go to Organise bookmarks (FF version < 4.0) or Show All Bookmarks (FF version >= 4.0)
  4. Search for the book-marked page here e.g. ysearch
  5. Expand the property of bookmark (below "tag")
  6. Replace the search string "Barack Osama" with %s
  7. Enter keyword using what you want to do the search e.g. "yahoo"
  8. DONE!

Type e.g. "yahoo < your name > " and enjoy the search results.

Don't limit yourself to this, create more bookmarks. Like for my personal use, I've setup many bookmarks like:
  • Facebook name search "fb < name >" (, 
  • Bugzilla search "bug < bug id >", 
  • Yahoo search "yahoo < search string >", 
  • Microsoft bing search "bing < search string >", 
  • Google search "google < search string >".


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